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Taxi to Treasure Rock

U.S. Premiere


Country: Spain
Language: Spanish
Original Title: Taxi a Gibraltar

Running Time: 96min
Film Year: 2019
Category: Films

Like a Spanish/Argentinian twist on the famous Bing Crosby-Bob Hope “Road” comedies of the 1940s and 50s, Taxi to Treasure Rock is a full-throttle delight of sight gags, hilarious one-liners and side-splitting adventure comedy. It’s no wonder that this film is one of the top 3 comedies of the year at the Spanish box office.

Freshly released from a Madrid prison, Argentinian con artist and professional charmer Diego has one idea to rebuild his life: finding a lost stash of gold hidden inside the legendary Rock of Gibraltar. Diego puts his snake charmer ways to convince León (Dani Rovira of the Ocho appellidos vascos films), a misanthropic, miserly taxi driver flooded with debt and rage against the system, to drive him from Madrid to Gibraltar.

On their chaotic road trip they meet Sandra (Ingrid García-Jonsson), a runaway bride-to-be who is just enough of a misfit to connect with Diego and León, and join their eccentric, life-changing adventure.

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Saturday October 12th @ 4:00 PM MDC’S TOWER THEATER MIAMI (THEATER 1) Add to Schedule


Director: Alejo Flah
Producer: Mikel Lejarza, Mercedes Gamero, Juan Ugarte, Edmon Roch, Cristóbal García, Gervasio Iglesias
Screenwriter: Alejo Flah, Fernando Navarro

Music: Aránzazu Calleja
Cinematographer: Gris Jordana
Editor: Antonio Frutos, Javi Frutos

Cast: Dani Rovira, Joaquín Furriel, Ingrid García-Johnson

Alejo Flah

Alejo Flah is an Argentinian filmmaker. His feature debut, Easy Sex, Sad Movies (14) premiered at the Malaga Film Festival and was an official selection of the Miami Film Festival, and he co-wrote (with Patxi Amezcua) Séptimo (16), also an official selection of the Miami Film Festival. Taxi to Treasure Rock (19) is his latest feature film.