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Films (18)

Films that are 'las joyas de la corona' (the crown jewels) of the season’s finest new cinematic works. This lineup features movies that will dominate award-season conversations, and are already international box office sensations and special discoveries.

Knight Marimbas Award (5)

A mesmerizing variety of powerful works from around the world competing for a Grand Jury Prize of $40,000 in cash, courtesy of Knight Foundation. The Award is given to the film that best exemplifies richness and resonance for cinema’s future, named for the marimba, a variation of a xylophone that originated in Central America and produces a deeper, richer and more resonant tone.

Ibero-American Feature Film Award (1)

The year’s most brilliant works from the Ibero-American world, competing for a Grand Jury Prize $10,000 cash.

Documentary Achievement Award (1)

Candid, thought-provoking feature-length documentaries examining social issues, diverse cultures and influential people compete for an audience-voted $10,000 cash achievement award.